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The BIG UKE Book

8 Songs.

  1. Auto-convert "Plain Text" to ChordPro Mr.Automatic

    Lyrics and Chords on Separate Lines

  2. ChordPro Song Markup, Part 1: Basics Cap'n Happy Uke

    Or How I Learned To Stop Worry And Play With Aplomb

    The Capitol Collectors Series

  3. ChordPro Song Markup, Part 2: Shorthand Buz

    Being brief... using ChordPro tag abbreviations

    ChordPro Syntax

  4. Chords with Muted Strings Power Rocker Bob

    How to define a chord with muted (unplayed) strings

  5. Defining Extra Chords Buz Carter

    Even More ChordPro Tips (2012)

  6. How To Markup Tablature (Solo/Melodies) Buz Carter

    Greatest Hits: ChordPro Markup Example

  7. Making It Fit: Columns Buz C.

    A "coloring inside the lines" exercise

  8. Song Title!, The Artist, Band, Lyricist, and/or Performer Name(s)

    Subtitle (context such as where & when first performed or ChordPro source)

    Album Title (1974)