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Free Online Editor & Open-Source Songbook Tools for the Seriously Geeky Ukulele Player!

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What Is It?

Uke Geeks is a set of free ukulele song editing tools that convert "plain text" lyrics and chord names into easy-to-read songsheets with clear chord diagrams ("fingering charts") and provides you lots of customization options. So, rather than reading this boring description why not test drive the editor?

Try the Editor Now!

Song-a-Matic Online Editor

If you just need to occasionally edit one or two songs then click over to the Song-a-Matic Editor right now and give it a spin. Also visit our User's Guide.

Scriptasaurus Songbook App

If you have your own website and are looking for an easy music publishing solution this is for you. Download the small PHP application to your web server and within minutes (no foolin'!) you'll have a full featured songbook publisher with some nice options such as the complete Song-a-Matic editor, user permissions, song search, and themes. Perfect for ukulele clubs! Read more…


Scriptasaurus Basic Library

If you run a website and only need nice song formatting (without the editor or song lists) then you merely need to add the core Scriptasaurus JavaScript Library and stylesheet to your page. Read more…


Less fiddling, More ukeā€™ing

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If you run a website, be it your personal site or for a ukulele club, and you're looking for an easy way to prep and share your songs, well, you're in luck: the UkeGeeks Songbook application has been built for your needs. Try the live demo.

Easily search your song library

Songbook Song List

After setting up the Songbook application you're ready to start adding songs. Every song you add is automatically indexed and will appear on the Song List page, that includes an easy search. If you already have songs in ChordPro format just drop them into the directory and run the indexer to add them to the collection. Try a live demo

Secure your songbook with login


Because we, like you, are sensitive to the rights of song publishers, but also understand our rights and responsibilities under fair use law we've added the ability to password protect who has access to your song library. You can also choose who has "read only" access and who needs full access to create and edit songs. All this is handled via basic configuration options.

Edit and customize the appearance

Song Formatter & Editor

Of course, front and center to the song display and editing. In addition to supporting core ChordPro tags the editor can automatically convert "plain text" into ChordPro markup and includes an alternate color scheme for easy-on-the-eyes big screens & projectors. Try the Song Editor now.

(This demo is "read only" -- you cannot save any changes)

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Hopefully we've whetted your appetite for more, so where to next? Well, head over to the Official UkeGeeks Project Blog for videos, tutorials, user guides & more. Here's a sampling of the topics discussed

Technical Reference @UkeGeeks blog

Technical Reference for Site Owners

If you're ready to include UkeGeeks on your site, whether for just a few "static" song pages or the complete Songbook Application then the Technical Reference will introduce you to some the "why's" and "how's" surrounding UkeGeeks.

If you, too, are a ukulele (or guitar) playin' geek and wish to modify or extend UkeGeeks fantastic! Scriptasaurus is free (as in beer), released under the GNU/GPL license for you to use, modify, and extend as you need. Download the complete "kit" from GitHub!

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Scriptasaurus Basic Library

If your site doesn't need all of the power of the Songbook Application and instead you only need a few songs formatted then including the Scriptasaurus Core Library and Stylesheets is your best choice.

Easily search your song library

Basic, Static Installation

After downloading the "kit" from GitHub you may happily ignore all those PHP files -- instead you'll find some static HTML that demonstrates how to attach the files (JS and CSS). There's even Dreamweaver Templates to make the task a bit easier.

Here's a few example "static" songs:

Your songs won't automatically get the editor, but you will have more control by overriding the default settings, including diagram sizes and colors.