The Ballad of Gilligan's Island

George Wyle and Sherwood Shwartz


Watch: (transposed key)

Just [Dm]sit right back and you'll [C]hear a tale 
A [Dm] tale of a fateful [C]trip 
That [Dm] started from this [C] tropic port, 
A[Bb]board this [C] tiny [Dm] ship

The [Dm] mate was a mighty [C] sailin' man, 
The [Dm] skipper brave and [C] sure, 
Five [Dm]passengers set [C]sail that day 
For a [Bb]three-[C]hour [Dm]tour 
A [Bb]three-[C]hour [Dm]tour

The [Em] weather started [D]getting rough, 
The [Em] tiny ship was [D]tossed 
If [Em] not for the courage of the [D]fearless crew, 
The [C] Minnow [D] would be [Em]lost, 
The [C] Minnow [D] would be [Em]lost

The [Fm]ship's aground of the [Eb]shore 
Of this un [Fm]charted desert [Eb]isle 
With [Fm]Gilligan... 
The [Eb]Skipper, too... 
The [Fm]Millionaire... 
And his [Eb]wife... 
The [Fm]movie [Eb]star... 
The [Fm]professor [Eb]and [Fm]Mary-[Eb]Ann 
[Fm]Here on [Eb]Gilligan's [Fm]Isle!